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It's taking shape!

My felt picture that is 'Pure Arran' is taking shape. I have been needle felting on the felt base and am starting to get some definition to some of the shapes:

I have to admit that progress is much slower working with my natural dye palette as I am having to mix each shade by hand, and carding the mixed shades to get the right texture to felt with. Just creating some blue hues for the sky took ages as I only had some pale teal blue shades and needed to mix the dyed locks with some natural white locks to get some variation in the sky. To get the shadows on Goatfell I needed several shades of purple (which is my blackberry dyed colour) and add in some of the black Alpaca from #ArranAlpacas . You can see the range of shades that I prepared here.

I love choosing the colours that I am mixing knowing which plants have created them. The texture of the carded fleece is perfect for dry felting. It has a bouncy texture with small flecks through it which makes the surface quite unique and I am really enjoying working with it.

I was surprised to realise how many colours I have now accumulated in my palette - I am spoilt for choice!

For the tree line I used a sheet of heavy paper to keep the line even and just curled up the curly locks in different shades of green to create the impression of a row of trees at the back of the field.

I was surprised when I laid out the different colour locks that I have now produced to see how wide a palette

I am now working flat out as I want the piece to be ready to display in my studio for #Arranopenstudio weekend which starts on 13 August!

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