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The Start of a New Journey!

I am thrilled that Creative Scotland are supporting me to carry out a new project for Lynn's Art On Arran. Over the next 12 months I will be sourcing materials from the island. Local farmers are helping me to source local fleece (including some Alpaca fleece) that I will wash and card in my studio. I will forage or collect plant materials from local growers (the Arran Community Land Initiative are being very helpful and I may even grow some plants there especially to use as dye material.) This is just a small selection of some of the plants that I plan to experiment with over the coming months.

When I have a palette of locally sourced and dyed fleece I will work on pieces of art that are inspired by the island. The journey from fleece to wall hanging will be recorded so that each piece of art will be able to tell it's own story.

The project is called: 'I Felt It On Arran! It will be a much more sustainable approach to the art that I produce and will truly be a piece of Arran!

I hope you will follow my journey. I will share all that I learn (and any mistakes I make too!) in this blog. Thank you Creative Scotland

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